hold onto your coconuts

We're in the midst of planning our 3rd annual

location yet to be determined

- we promise it will be epic -


New Years Evolution Fest in Kauai 2015 was the first official project of the paradigm-pushing, ancestrally innovative of Tribe Design. A radical group of inspiring musicians, boundary-pushing ninjas and education creators came together from all around the world to gather on one the most remote paradises on Earth known as the Garden Island, Kauai to launch into the New Year.

Since then, we've facilitated tribe gatherings in Australia, Costa Rica, Montana, Canada | check out all our past events HERE if you want to conjure up a little FoMo (*Fear Of Missing Out)

Together in a modern day tribe we will blast you off into the new year with
unavoidable success!

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Are you ready to let go and experience something magical? We do realize that a lot of people prefer an itinerary so they can plan and analyze and think and then analyze some more. The thing is... Planning sometimes gets in the way of magic and we're not about that. Our philosophy is - the more magic the better. We've recognized patterns within the human mind, one being that if we go cliff jumping one day, people find themselves thinking about bungee jumping or whatever may be on the agenda the next day and no longer live in the moment but instead in the future. So here's the deal. You don't get an itinerary because we want you to experience the precent moment FULLY. We want you to stay open and expect anything and experience everything. But that said, we also understand that you want to know some things.. So to satisfy the left brain and the internal planner and organizer in you, here's a little sneak peak into some of the awesomeness and things you will most likely experience.

• A hightened sense of awareness
• Deep belly laughter
• Tears of joy or sadness
• A new found sense of belonging and acceptance
• New ways of expressing yourself
• Shedding emotional baggage

• New friendships and family connections
• Breakthroughs for daaaays
• Freestyle & flow states
• Meditation & Movement
• We've had 3 proposals + 1 baby conception so far,
     (who knows what will happen next - read MAGIC)


Accommodation & Rates

Accommodations vary depending on location and we do our best to pick the very best. We usually (but not always) offer two different options. More will be posted here when location is determined. 


From / Per person


FROM / Per Person

*Inquire about rates and family discounts. 



We value quality and always do our very best to source our food from local organic farmers whenever possible. 3 meals will be provided daily and we do our best to accommodate various diets, from vegan to paleo and everything in between, just remember to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.
*If you're an avid snacker we highly recommend bringing what you will need in between meals. 



Tribe Design = movement and natural elements. There's no sitting on a chair in a room with artificial lights for hours. There will be lots of both internal and external movement happening. Once again, our events are never the same but in the past we've been facilitating everything from hiking, polar plunging, yoga, dynamic meditation, acro yoga and dance parties. Needless to say, there will plenty of things to do, it's only a matter of choosing what fits best for the tribe.

picture of edwina in kauai




Unless your heart is calling or better yet, screaming for it, this event most likely is not for you. This is not your average yoga/meditation retreat experience. We'll be exploring depths of shadows, depths of the mind and heart, outside of the cultural norm. We're digging out the genius gifts you may be hiding and digging for gold is not always a pretty journey.
This is for you if you're:

• Tired of not feeling heard or fitting in
• Looking to explore your inner genius
• Ready to get funcomfortable
• Looking for like hearted friends & connection

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Prepare for your QUEST

*More details coming when location is determined




The price includes food and accommodations during the 5 day event as well as transportation to and from any activities we may be doing during the event. The price does not include airfare or transportation to from airport unless otherwise stated. 

For full details on pricing and other questions, please contact us here.


We understand that life happens while you're making other plans. Things happen and that's why we offer a transferable ticket in case something should get in the way of you attending. We do not offer a refund but we look forward to seeing you on the next event.