New Years Evolution Fest 3.0


JANUARY 4 - 8 | 2018

Join our 3rd annual New Years Evolution Fest on the magical island of Maui.


New Years Evolution Fest was the first official project of the paradigm-pushing, ancestrally innovative Tribe Design. A radical group of inspiring musicians, boundary-pushing ninjas and education creators came together from all around the world to gather on one the most remote paradises on Earth known as the Garden Island, Kauai to launch into the New Year.

This year, we're kicking it off on Maui - also called the "Valley Isle"; breathtakingly beautiful sunsets, cascading waterfalls and abundant fresh fruits are awaiting us. The energy on this island holds an ancient wisdom to be illuminated as our tribe dives deeper into the ancestral knowledge that inspires our coming together in the first place. Lets explore what is possible when today's most knowledgable and skillful lifestyle designers pair up with visionary thought leaders to engage in synergizing playshops, radically honest conversations, and mystical adventures in one of the highest vibrational places on earth. 

Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own unique powerful energy that is said to resonate with the 7 chakras. Maui resonates with the energy of the sacral chakra - the seat of creativity, sexuality, emotions & our inner child. The energy of this island will assist us with manifesting our ideas and creativity and bringing them forth easily to this world - what better place to activate your inner genius and explore your dreams?


If your morning sets the tone for you day, imagine starting the first week of the year with a tribe of like hearted people on this magical island!
coming Together in a modern day tribe will blast you off into
unavoidable success!





Are you ready to surrender to your greatness in order to experience real magic in your life? Tribe Design is not your average yoga and meditation retreat company. What we do isn't normal. Imagine exploring the depths of your light and shadows in environments that inspire you to move, with people that inspire you to speak up, and with visions for the future that inspire you to stand out. And, imagine you did all that and more. This is where our standards meet the blurred lines of comfort and push our tribe beyond the boundaries of personal, cultural, and societal limitations. 

We do realize that a lot of people prefer an itinerary so they know what to expect. The thing is... we know having plans/expectations gets in the way of the magical breakthroughs that can happen when we are fully committed to the process. We love magic. We want you to be immersed in what you are doing without a care of what comes next; in that way you are more apt to connect, communicate, and create from a place of flow. 

However, to satisfy the curiosities you may have to some degree, here's a little sneak peak into some of the awesomeness and things you will most likely experience while not having an agenda:

  • Getting called up into your genius
  • Activating your most vulnerable states
  • Facilitating the fun-comfortable
  • Empowering you to set your truth free
  • Freestyle & flow states
  • Leveling up your communication skills
  • Deep belly laughter
  • Tears of joy or sadness


  • New friendships and soul family
  • Breakthroughs for daaaays
  • Meditation & Movement
  • A new found sense of belonging and acceptance
  • Self expressive expansions 
  • Shedding emotional baggage
  • We've had 3 proposals + 1 baby conception during our events so far (who knows what will happen next!)



Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, 2 Twin Beds, Sleeps 2

KING SIZE + DAY BED (9 ROOMS) Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, King Bed, Day Bed, Sleeps 3

Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, King Bed, Day Bed, Sleeps 3

QUEEN ROOM  (1 ROOM) Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, 2 Queen Beds, Sleeps 2

Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, 2 Queen Beds, Sleeps 2

KING SIZE  (10 ROOMS) Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, King Bed, Sleeps 2

Features: Air Conditioning, Modern Suite, King Bed, Sleeps 2



3 meals will be provided daily. We value quality and always do our very best to source our food from local organic farmers whenever possible. This time we are blessed with the fertile grounds and climate of Maui which creates an abundance of fresh food year-round.  The Wooden Crate, our restaurant at Lumeria, will be preparing farm-to-table meals daily, with greens, fruits, and vegetables organically sourced on their property. We happily accommodate various diets and allergy needs, from vegan to paleo and everything in between, just remember to let us know if you have any dietary restrictions.

*If you're an avid snacker we highly recommend bringing what you will need in between meals. 



Tribe Design is all about moving with the natural elements. There's no sitting on a chair in a room with artificial lights for hours. There will be lots of both internal and external movement that fits any activity level and emotional development phase you may be in. Once again, our events are never the same, and there is no telling what we may find ourselves doing, but in the past we've been known to facilitate everything from hiking, polar plunging, yoga, dynamic meditation, to acro yoga and dance parties. Needless to say, there will plenty of things to do, it's only a matter of choosing what fits best for the tribe we are with.


Prepare for your QUEST

Be prepared to not always be able to prepare. We like to keep you on your toes but also want you to realize that life happens
while you're making other plans and you can't always be prepared for what might happen.
That said, some good items to bring would be:

  • a backpack
  • camera/batteries/charger
  • sneakers/hiking shoes
  • a long sleeve shirt/jacket
  • pants/shorts
  • hat
  • swimsuits
  • t-shirt
  • sun screen
  • insect repellent
  • water bottle
  • notebook/pen
  • and quick snacks for longer outings if you have any health concerns. 
    We have been known to be an hour or more late for dinner when we've been caught up in the fun! 



surrender to your greatness