International Tribe Design hosts the most epic and transformative events that I have ever experienced or even heard of. We prove that we are all able to connect on a level that is real, raw and radical. It fills up my heart just to talk about it.”
— Josh Chinn // Musician & Creative Workshop Facilitator
I’ve not felt so loved, heard and appreciated probably in my whole life. That love and connection is overflowing here. Open your heart, open your mind and come willing to experience and trust the process.
— Amber Zuckswert // Creator of Epic Living Retreats
This International Tribe has a super strong vibe. I sense it. I feel it. I am it! This is a great opportunity to get involved.
— Elliott Hulse // Founder of Strength Camp & Grounding Camp
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Unless your heart is screaming for it, this retreat is definitely not for you.
— JP Sears // Emotional Health Coach & Author of "How to be Ultra Spiritual"
I have never been more in love with a group of human beings than I have this tribe. I learned so much about myself in such a short amount of time through the intense connections we made. These are connections that I feel will last a lifetime.
— Andrea Restivo // Yoga & Fitness Instructor
International Tribe Design is on the forefront of social evolution. I am so stoked on it and have now been a repeat attendee because I so believe in what is happening. It’s a radical platform where you get seen. It is a call to awaken your inner genius.
— Kevin Oroszlan // Yoga Teacher, Visionary & Poet